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Hey! What’s going on!

How are you doing?  Hope all is well this morning.  I just want to make this quick.  I just want to talk about inspiration and taking action.

There are a lot of people out there emailing me saying, ”Tony, I want to get started buying and selling cars but I don’t know why I’m just not taking action” or “Is it the right thing for me to do?”.

A lot of people are stuck in this cycle of indecision and inaction.  That’s really detrimental to the success in anybody’s life.  The only way to move along in life is to keep failing and move forward.

That’s the crazy thing about our education system.  We were trained in school that making a mistake was wrong.  We get punished, we get bad grades.  They don’t focus on kid’s strengths.  Everybody’s given subjects.  You have to master all of them if you want to get good grades.  If you make a mistake they punish you.

But on the other hand, if you are not good enough, there’s the No Child Left Behind Act. Well, they’re going to put you through, anyway.

The whole system really doesn’t make sense.  Failure should be invited in kid’s lives.

You know what I tell my kid every day?  I ask her if she failed today.  I want to instill in her brain that it’s comfortable to fail.  So when she comes home from school, I ask her, “Did you fail today?” She comes back and say, “Dad, I failed many times today “.

By conditioning in people’s mind that it’s okay to fail as long as you learn from that failure, you’re going to move up the ladder very quickly because you’re not going to be afraid.

You’re not going to be afraid to do things and test things out.  You’ll just keep going.

That’s the whole idea of conditioning your kid’s mind or yourself that failure is not anything bad.  Any inventor in the world, anybody who makes out of themselves are failing constantly every day, every test, every book and learning.

Fail fast, learn fast and move on to the next thing.

That’s what I really want to tell you in this video. Don’t be afraid of failure.  Just make a mistake and move on.

For the guys out there sitting on the fence about buying and selling cars for profit or whatever you’re doing in any business venture.  Make a move now! Don’t wait for a circumstance, create a circumstance!

There’s a book that I read, Napoleon Hill.  He was talking about General Napoleon.  They were in war and one of Napoleon’s soldiers said, “We’re not going to attack.  The circumstances are not right.” And Napoleon said, “Circumstances? I create circumstances.  Attack! Attack right now! Start where you are. When you go around the corner, you’ll see what’s next.  Do it now.  “

That’s the whole key to success in life.  Stop thinking about it.  It comes back to the SOS formula.  SOS also means Stop Overcomplicating Success.  Stop getting in the way of your own success.  Just do it.

You are only going to get results.  Did it work or did it not work?  If it did work, what do I have to do more of to make it keep working again?  If it didn’t work, what do I have to change to make it work again?  I hope you had a little bit of golden nuggets on this one.

It’s early in the morning.  My throat is still groggy but I had a weird dream and I wanted to make this video for you this morning.

So if you’re looking to buy and sell cars for profit, get off the fence.  Check out the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 right now and download the FREE Bikini Report and read it.

A lot of people download it but don’t read it and send me a ton of emails.  Read it.  Take action. Start where you are right now.  Then get back to me.

Plus, I will be hitting you up with a bunch of awesome information on how you can get started flipping cars for profit even if you are a college student, senior citizen or stay-at-home mom.

We just had a couple of stay-at-home moms join us last month and this month.  Pretty amazing.

So it’s Tony.  Go to How To Buy And Sell Your Cars right now and get the FREE report and I will see you at the site.

Have a great day!  Cheers!




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