How Buying And Selling This Used Car Made Me $1,650 Cash in Two Days!

How To Flip Cars – How I made $1,650 in pure profit flipping this used van in just 2 short days…

In this short but to the point blog post I will tell you what I basically did to make almost $2,000 in pure profits by flipping this old van to a hungry buyer.

1. I identified what models are HOT in the local market.

2. Search Newspapers & Online classifieds for a deal within my budget. (if you have a total of $1,000 to buy and sell at… You can look for cars with a asking price of $500. – $1,500 easy.

3. Call sellers and ask for certain vehicle information so you don’t waste your time or theirs.

4. Always Bring CASH when looking at a potential deal. Hence the term “Cash Talks!” Bullshit Walks…

5. Apply Savvy Negotiation Techniques to Nicely lower prices using the downside of the vehicle to your advantage plus other price slashing tactics we use within the F1 Autocash Formula.

6. Take home, or have towed using paid service (AAA) members like myself get 10 FREE tows per year with the family (husband and wife plan) like the one I have. KILLER DEAL and great to have.

7. Apply Bonus Spruce up Tactics that I also cover within the course, investing just $50.00… Make sure the deal is clean and ready to BLOW OUT!

8. Create a Mouth Watering FREE Classified Ad That get Very Serious Interested Buyers Calling You for Your Deal.

9. Apply 2012 Video Marketing Techniques to Get More Callers with Cash in Hand.

10. Create a WIN-WIN Deal…. Sell & Enjoy Your Profits Any Way You Wish!

To Learn All of these Methods Above in Greater Detail You May Want To Take a Look At The F1 AutoCash Formula 8 Week Home Training Course.

Watch the F1 course video here…

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P.S. Making money flipping cars is not EASY, it’s SIMPLE… You just need to know what stones to step on to successfully cross the path.
The F1 AutoCash Formula has been helping hundreds of entrepreneurs, moms, dads, college students and teens… from all across the world make a full time income with part time work buying and selling used cars from home.

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24 thoughts on “How Buying And Selling This Used Car Made Me $1,650 Cash in Two Days!”

  1. I’m doing a mazda mx-5 i payed 5350 but spend in excess of 3.5k over a 6 month period, going to sell it in a week hopeing for 9.8k-10.5k

  2. But i had to spend endless hour cleaning the dam interior needed to be striped new carpet, and a lot of elbow grease toke me a good few days just to do that, brought it in a aution

    • I know the feeling. This is why you need to tweak the way you BUY cars… You need cars with less work, less investment, and just blow them out. This is EXACTLY what the foundation of the course covers for you.

  3. WOOOWW i cant seem to get deal like that may be its because i suck at negotiating. But sweet deal men. If you can, can you post more vedios on negotiating tactices cause i suck at it.

    • Most times yes, and in partners names… open titles also work, but I am not in a legal position to say go ahead and do it. I can only tell stories of what people do and have done… 🙂

    • I don’t speak spanish. I do have a member who is and is successfully doing this though. I’m pretty close with him too. I can probably hook you two up once you become a VIP member.

      Cheers buddy!

  4. Hello Tony, i read your Bikini report and i’m eager to get the Course to see what i can learn from it. Listen i picking up a 1991 Honda Accord with 156k on it for $600, i will apply one of your techniques to give it some life, thinking i’ll put no more than $100 into it. My goal is to get at least $1500 back. What do you think i should price it at to ensure it moves fast please?


  5. Hey Tony, i gave him the car back because he wanted $850, plus odometer had stopped working so the real mileage was unknown, on top of that it needed a new muffler and other things, not a good deal at $800 so i gave it back. On the good note, i’m picking up your course tomorrow at the special you have for us and i’m borrowing $1000 from my uncle, so i should be armed with the knowledge and tools to start right!

    To OUR Success!



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