Welcome! You Made it Here.


You’re here. You made it. Congratulations because you really
are one of the few that made it here. 

Watch the video below and go back to the report and really
take 15-20 min and go through the “Revised Bikini Report’.

Yes, I did rewrite it and it is little longer.

I’ll keep in touch ok?



 Here’s the “Bikini Report” Download link incase you lost it.


16 thoughts on “Welcome! You Made it Here.”

  1. Hello so im logged into the VIP site and Im reading the Bikini report which says to go to this page and watch the welcome video. Thereis no Welcome video. Just a link to Join VIP and the sales pitch. Just making sure Im following these directions correctly.

  2. I signed up around Dec 27, 18. I’m just now starting to do this program.
    I think I’m not seeing all of the info (missing parts of the info presented).
    I think I’m missing some of the downloads. I signed up because of curiosity,
    review of what I know and I can never learn too much.

  3. I purchased your course and not I cannot access it. Can you help out? Below is what I am getting.

    This site has been locked – please contact your ValueAddOn administrator to re-activate this site.




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