“4 Hot Tips for Buying & Selling Cars for Profit”

Here are 4 TAKE HOME tips that you can use right now to make more money on your car flips from home!

1. Learn How To Negotiate.
Negotiation is a very important skill for survival. Think about it. If the shit hits the fan one day…you need to be able to negotiate with people during a barder situation with food, water, skill and even machinery. When buying and selling cars you need to negotiate on EVERY deal. Never pay full price for a car, truck or bike. We show you how to deal with people because in reality we are in the PEOPLES game.

2. Know What To Buy:
When buying and selling cars for profit, you need to know what is popular in your local city, country and town because if you are trying to sell something nobody wants, what’s the purpose? You need to know what the vehicles are that will bring YOU in the most bang on your investment. The how to buy and sell cars 8 week course… time-frame recommended for the best learning experience but (you can get it faster) if you want, to speed your learning curve. Is laid out so you know exactly how to do this.

3. Know How To Sell by Creating a Win-Win Situation. Create a simple win-win situation when getting your money. Make a nice profit and at the same time have the buyer feeling that they got a heck of a deal. We teach you how to advertise so you can get HUNGRY buyers calling you with cash in hand. Get the price you wanted in the first place. Profit thousands or hundreds on your first flips.

4. Rince and Repeat:
Never run out of deals. We show you how to keep your pipeline full so you can consistently make profits buying and selling cars from home. When planting the seeds for deals, you need to keep on looking. Once you stop working on it, it will stop. The goal is to buy and sell a few cars a month to generate thousands in profits per month. Then, if you want to explode your profits and you feel that you understand how to buy and sell cars, move on to acquiring a dealers licence.

To learn more about buying and selling cars for profits check out the how to buy and sell cars 8 week course here.

This is real info that has and will keep me making money anytime I wish buying and selling affordable used cars from home.

Be cool!

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6 thoughts on ““4 Hot Tips for Buying & Selling Cars for Profit””

  1. I have run in to a road block, I need to know how to get around the 5 car limit in Texas and also what to do about the taxes eating my profit.

    • You think it’s a road block. Figure the taxes in your expenses column. The course will show you how you can double, tripple and even 4x your 4 car limit. All the best!


  2. Hey AnTony ,

    I am a V.I.P. member in your Auto Body and Paint course…. Enjoyed immensely the Webinars (wish there was video )…. Anyway Budd I have watched a lot of videos on your how to buy and sell cars and I would like to point something out that frustrates me ( and possibly others )…. Now I don’t know if ” What V.I.P. members are saying ” is designed that way on purpose , but it is frustrating to try and read , it moves way to fast…. I think you are a pretty smart kid ( I am impressed already ), so I just thought I would give you my view as a consumer ( I hope you don’t mind )…. By the way I call all my friends named Anthony ,” AnTony “,as soon as they hear that they always SMILE … It is my sincere hope that You are SMILING right now ….You will be a rich man someday , in a lot of ways you are RICH right now !! FAMILY FIRST MY FRIEND !!

    Have a Terrific day ,
    Larry Kane

    • hey Larry!!! I Thank you for the wonderful words of sincerity. I am blessed to have VIP members like you 🙂 Yeah, my pops calls me AN-TONY sometimes! It’s the Italian haha… I will take your opinion on the “What VIP Members are Saying” I just looked at it and did notice that it’s moving too fast! haha I will correct this asap. I am not sure why, but it was slower before. Damn computers…. haha.

      Yes Family First! and thanks for checking the site out! I will stay posted with you all. We will have a LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Member webinar soon this month. I’ll send you guys the times and links.

      Be cool Larry!


  3. Hey Tony I already have some experience selling. Although I really need help with actually buying and finding the good deals. Normally I would buy your product but I’m on the fence because I don’t want generic information or stuff I already know. Is there anything you got thats gonna get me going but skipping the basics?

    • Sorry for responding late. I’ve been sick for a few days and out of order. Look, the way I see it is if you learn ONE strategie that will take your business to the next level the $200.00 was worth it. I have taken 2,000-10,000 seminars for learning all sorts of business strategies, investments and self improvement courses and I don’t regret any of it. and I can guarantee you will find much more than 1 Golden Nugget in my course. I can give you the FULL course at once this way you have access to the most advanced training from day one if you wish. Be cool and keep on keeping on!



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