The NEW How To Buy & Sell Cars From Home System – 2012 – from the heart…

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Here are a few testimonial screen shots of the F1 AutoCash Formula How To Buy And Sell Cars 8 Week Corse.

Gary’s Testimonial on The 8 Week Course
Tim’s Testimonial $2,400 in profits within 2 flips!


Thanks for watching the video and taking a look at these real screen shots from real buying and selling cars for profits course VIP members.

Remember one thing…

You need to find YOUR passion, Your ‘thing’ that makes YOU want to keep going back for more.

Then you’ll be successful.

Find your passion, get good at it and it will come like 2nd nature to you… the money will come. I personally went through many years of trial and error buying and selling cars.

From my forst flip at 14… a 1989 Honda Accord that I painted and flipped (which was very profitable)…

To buying the wrong cars… that needed too much investments and too much time.

I ended up creating a “buying formula” and learned to get cars OTHER PEOPLE wanted.

NOT what I wanted!

I changed my mindset, to think out side of the box. Once I had that realization, things came MY WAY.

Over the years I have perfected the system, challenged the system, and even gave it a harsh critique… Not only from my end, but also from friends who decided to try and use my F1 AutoCash Formula.

And the results, Simply said… It Works.

Now, my passion is to pass this vast array of automotive wheeling and dealing knowledge down to you.. to YOU who has an interest.

You who has the DESIRE

You who wants to make better, for yourself and for your family.

The course is COMPETE, it’s Step-by-Step.


It’s Video & Manual Training.

It’s One Of A Kind.

And Best of All…. Its GUARANTEED To Work!

What’s the catch you say 🙂  

It’s YOU.

The catch is you my friend, it all depends on what YOU DO with this information.

YOU TAKING ACTION and running with it.

The life you live today is DIRECT REPRESENTATION the life you were living 4-5 years ago.

Insanity: Means doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

You must take action TODAY and start thinking about the future…. because it WILL come.

You can learn more about the formula here…

Be cool!


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