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This is an interactive training. I hope you enjoy the show! This is something new, the How To Flip Cars For Profit Live Weekly Stream.

I’m very excited to get started with this. I tested this a while back, I haven’t been doing them and now I want to get back into this and basically do a live stream every single week.

I’m going to be doing this every Wednesday night unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned and look out for this channel!

Live on Youtube, we’re going to be teaching you strategies on how to buy and sell cars for profit. Does that sound good? How does the audio sound and how does the video come in? This is live right now from Texas.

Excellent, What’s up, UK? What part of London brother?

I’m going to be covering all kinds of amazing strategies on here. Mostly, we’re going to be covering your questions.

If you have any questions with buying and flipping cars for profit, how to get over the mental blocks of getting on to the game, which is very, very important and more.

Ultimately, why are we doing this? We are doing this to live a better life. This is going to be an interactive training so I really want you to play full out.

Type in the chat and communicate with me. The more you give me, the more I give back to you. That’s why I’m here. I’m going to start doing this weekly shows from now on and be committed to it.

My commitment is going to be your commitment as well. Participating and playing full out. I really appreciate it.

Question: Where do I buy my parts?

What kind of parts are you looking for? Car parts? Be specific. I buy my car parts all over. I get them off eBay if it sounds good, I go to if it sounds good, I go to my local O’Reilly Automotive, Checker Auto Parts, wherever there’s a parts store where I can get a good deal.

It depends on what kind of parts you’re looking for. If you’re looking for body parts and mechanical, you go to your local junkyard. What kind of stuff are you looking for?

Check out my shop here. This is my little shop. You don’t need one of these. I started out in my mother’s garage.

But, I recently invested in a mobile car lift. Now I could park some of my cars like this. I could go underneath and do work a little bit of work on them a lot easier than being under a car, if you’re doing a mechanical fixes and under a creeper, with the oil pan four to six inches in front of your nose.

You could see that this bumper has been painted before, you could see the overspray here. They didn’t do a really good job.

You can see the clear coat, it’s very dry in some areas. I don’t know how the camera quality is, but that’s going to be improved upon.

I got a super awesome camera to be delivered in the next couple of months, so we are actually going to start experimenting on that as well.

Question: How much does it cost to buy your own car?

It all depends. If you’re getting into this and you’re totally brand new. I grew up in the automotive space. My dad had a body shop for 20 years, when I was 13 years old. I grew around all that.

I was actually 15 or 16 years old when I was buying cars for profit.  I was young and couldn’t go to the auctions. I used to go to the auctions with my dad’s partner.

There was a pre-auction day when you can view all of the cars. Then, on auction day, which was the day after, he would just go and bid on the cars for me. That’s how I would buy cars.

I basically redo them at the shop and sell them.  I was 21 when I actually started going into the auctions. When I first started out, I used to think that for me to buy and sell cars, I need to buy cars that need a lot of work.

Every time I bought a car, I used to think that maybe I had to replace an axle, maybe I had to paint a car, maybe a full detail inside and outside. It’s a lot of work.

But I felt good about it. I took a beater car, spruced it all up and sold it for profit. After a few years, I said, “Why am I getting cars that need a lot of work?” So I started changing the way I bought and sold.

I started buying cars that need less work. I started getting deals that just needed a light detail, no mechanical problems. A light detail inside and outside, clean it up, flip it and get it out the door.

That’s how I started making more money with less work. Let me tell you, once I did that, I started making easy 5-digit profits. You can absolutely do this.

You can start with a thousand bucks if you’re starting out. Nowadays, $1000 or $1500, if you have that much to play with, you could get started flipping cars for profit.

You’re not going to get newer cars. You want to stay in the ten-year range of cars. You want to get 2006 and up model, but with a thousand bucks, that’s a little difficult. You may be looking at late ‘90s cars with that amount.

You may be looking at ’95, ’98, ’99 era cars, which are still good. I was in Mexico not too long ago and I bought a 1996 Toyota Camry and it was in great shape. I was riding around in that in Mexico for two months.

You can get started on a small budget, but the sweet spot is basically around $2500 buy range. You go out and look at cars within the $3500-$4000 listing price range, then you negotiate and close the deal for $2500.

You do a couple spruces to it and sell it for $4400-$4550. If you’re buying and selling in the $6000 and low price range, you’re going to flip a lot and appeal to the masses.

You want to appeal to the masses, the people who have around $6000, who just want to get a beater. The college kids, young kids, people that just want a car.

Question: Any advice on shipping overseas? I’m opening a used car dealership in South Florida. What countries are best and is it worth it?

Shipping overseas from where? It depends if you’re niching down and you want to specialize in some sort of Japanese import game. That’s the only thing I can think about.

I know Japan in general as a country are importing a lot of cars from Russia. There’s a big market with Japan and Russia. There’s a big market with USA and Japan.

A lot of guys want the Toyota Supras, the Toyota Corollas and the drift cars like the GTRs. If you’re niched, if you’re specializing in a market and you want to get in, compete and dominate, yes. There is a lot of opportunity.

I recently invested in a Japanese car myself. I got it coming in from Osaka, Japan. It’s being put on a ship next month and I’m getting it the first week of August.

I’m actually bringing in a mini-truck from Japan. Pretty cool. There’s a market with that stuff as well.

Question: What about luxury cars to China?

American muscle to Japan is huge. That I know. I’m headed out to Japan within the next couple of weeks. I’m meeting the guy where I bought my car. He’s an Italian in Japan, selling cars to America. Pretty crazy, right?

I’m meeting him in Osaka and just feel out his business model, just learn from him and see what he’s doing.

I know the rich Japanese like American muscle cars. I may be dipping into some opportunity with that here. Getting good deals off of eBay or just private sellers around town and shipping them over to Japan.

Question: Do you do any work or just buy low on Craigslist?

It depends on the deal. Sometimes people don’t know what they have and their selling these cars on Craiglist.

You’ll get an old lady and doesn’t know she has a collector Mazda Miata or Toyota Supra or whatever. They don’t know the value and go by Blue Book, sometimes Blue Book doesn’t correctly value collector cars.

It will say like value of $2500 and they just list it at that one, but it’s really valued at $5000. That’s where you can go in and scoop the deal.

That’s why it’s very important if you’re in this game and really want to do it, you have to be in Craigslist every day. How do you think I do it?

You have to treat it as something that you want to make money with. You can’t just look on Craigslist for half hour one day and say, “Oh, I don’t find any deals. Forget it. I’m not going to buy and sell cars for profit”

Do you think that’s how the world works? You have to put in some work to find the deals. You have to be dedicated. You have to be on twice or thrice a day. Get on for half hour and check on new listings.

Thousands of cars are being listed every single day from private party people. You’re bound to get a deal. You have to be fast.

I don’t know if you saw my last video. I just did a video reviewing a VIP member. He invested in my F1 AutoCashFormula program and he’s doing really well.

He’s making a ton of money and he’s found another deal and want me to just check quickly. That’s part of the critiques that I do.

Join the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars program, I give you three critiques. Basically, you can show me the ads that you’re posting, I will give you my feedback through video and send it back. You can learn from it and have a guiding reference.

If you want me to review a car that you’re looking at, I can do that as well. That’s really cool and that VIP is taking advantage of that. I give that absolutely free as a bonus for the VIPs who invested in the program.

Not everyone takes advantage of it. Every once in a while, I get people who take advantage of it and that’s what I want because it benefits you.

Question: Do you get insurance for every car that you buy?

That depends if you are doing a total flip where you’re going to register it under your name. In most states, you have to show your insurance to get it registered.

Get the cheapest coverage on it. You don’t have to get comprehensive full coverage because you paid for the car cash, it’s not on a lean, it’s not a brand new car.

You can just get the basic insurance, probably $100 for a six-month term for you, but if it’s on and off within a week, it will hardly cost you anything.

There are tons of insurance companies out there. You can switch and use a bunch of different ones. That’s how you do it.

Feedback: Hi Tony. Lucky I read your email about this YouTube live.

Yeah, are you guys liking this so far? Give me some feedback. Hit the like button below the video on YouTube.

I want to do this weekly, help you guys out and build a community. I’ve been away for a while. This is my passion. I love doing this. I’m a total car nut.

Check out my shop and my cars in the video. I have a garage down there with a couple of other cars. I’m looking to get another BMW M3.

This car on top is a BMW 2000 Z3 M edition with 38,000 original miles. I’m the second owner. That’s like unheard of. I’ve never seen any other Beemer for sale with lower mileage than that.

If you do, they’re like $30,000. I bought this for only $13,500. I saw one on eBay the other day, it had like 55,000 miles and they’re asking $24,000 for it.

The front needs work. Big deal. We do a good job.  We clean the overspray off with lacquer thinner. We do a professional job to it. This way, if we ever sell it, it’s going to look original. The back bumper needs to be painted as well. It looks like it was touched up.

That’s the good thing about learning a different skill. Learning auto body and paint on the side, learning how to paint the bumper in your garage.

It can be done. People think they need a spray booth. They think they need a professional garage. I painted this custom Miata right here in this garage.

I’ve been doing auto body work since I was 14 years old and all the body shops around me who could afford spray booths, sprayed right in the garage.

As long as your garage is clean and some vents blowing out. You can paint it right there. No big deal. If you get a little bit of dust, you’re going to polish it and do some color sanding and buffing anyway.

Look at the shine on my Miata. Check it out. I didn’t even buff the car out yet. I did a complete custom paint job on this Miata and it’s not even done. I still have to color sand and buff it out. I did the graphics on the side.

If you want to learn DIY auto body, check out my other website, The LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I have over a hundred thousand email readers. You can learn exactly how to do your own little body repairs and put the money in your own pocket.

If you’re buying and selling cars, at some point, you’re going to find a good deal but it needs a paint job. You either go to a local cheap body shop, spend $300-$500 for the panel painted, or you spend a hundred bucks, sand it down and shoot it yourself and pocket the rest of your money. It’s up to you.

In life, the more you invest in yourself, the more you can do for yourself and for your family. Everything is a constant learning.

We’re going to limit this to 30 minutes every week. We have about ten minutes or so. I’ll get to more questions.

If you’re liking this, please hit the button below the video. Comment and Share the video.

Yes, I go to Copart. I used to do a lot of online auctions, but it’s hit and miss with online auctions, so I stopped. Unless, you go to the physical auctions or go to IAAI auctions.

With Insurance Auto Auctions, you can see what you’ve got online, you can go to the field if you’re in the local area and actually take a look at the car. Then take a bid back home.  I do that a lot.

eBay is also a great place. I got this Miata off of eBay. I’m pretty sure that was a single owner.

Feedback: Most people I see on Craigslist are flippers.

You know what, it doesn’t matter. There’s going to be flippers in every city, in every town. Who cares? I used to buy cars from flippers on Craigslist, knowing that they’re a flipper.

Do a better job in advertising the car and re-flip the car on Craigslist and still make money. It doesn’t matter.

It’s funny. It happened to me a handful of times where I’ll see the same number I buy from a flipper and he kind of knows I’m a flipper. We negotiated a deal and ended up making a thousand dollars more.

Buying it from a flipper and reselling it. Middle man. Whatever. You could make friends with other flippers. When it comes to competition, you can use it to motivate you, inspire you, to learn from them, to partner from them and to collaborate because you’re in the same business.

When you go to auctions, there are flippers around you. You’re the same homies. I see some flippers like Alex and Brandon. We’re all doing the same thing.

Alex doesn’t do body work. He used to give me all of his jobs. I just stopped doing that because I don’t like to do work for other people anyway. I just do my own deals.

You’re all in the same game anyway, so you can befriend some and find deals together. Tow yards are also a great place, so make friends with tow truck companies.

We’re in the relationship business, whether you like it or not. You need to expand your network. Rich people build networks. Poor people go look for a job. Think about that.

You have to be open and shut out to competitors. Make connections, befriend people, be nice.

I wrote this one email, just imagine going to a friend’s house and he has an iron screen door and a big pit bull comes to the door trying to get you.

You’re trying to hold the door so the dog won’t come through. You immediately back off. People have personalities like dogs.

Imagine the same scenario but the dog is all happy. His tail wagging, just happy to see you and want to jump on you. It’s a first impression. Same thing when you network with people.

Be optimistic, be happy, be friendly, be cool and most importantly, always be willing to serve. If you help people and show them that you’re here to help them, you’re cool. They will want to help you back. It’s called reciprocity.

So build your network and build your reputation of selling good cars. I might have sold a handful pieces of bad cars in the past. We all did, but get into cars that you’re not doing any shenanigans with and then sell it to a guy and hope the guy never calls back. You can sleep well at night.

Feedback: Attitude is going to determine your success.

Absolutely! So, share the channel. Invite your friends next time. I’m going to give a lot of cool information. I hope you enjoyed what we talked about tonight.

Question: I’m in Florida, flipping in California … Hail damage cars.

What about hail damage? Nothing wrong with hail damage if you know how to repair and sell it. Hail damage can be a pain because you have a lot of body work to do.

It might be worth for you to hire a PDR, but it might be a lot of work for PDR, so you may just have to sand down the area, bondo it up and repaint the part.

Like I said in the very beginning of this video, try to look for cars where you don’t have to put too much work in it, because you don’t have to.

It’s the way you look at the deal. You make money on the buy, not on the sale. If you buy right, you can sleep well at night. You know you got a deal, all you have to do is sell it and it is going to sell, even if you have to blow it out.

I get much deeper in all of these strategies in my F1 AutoCashFormula Course. I break it down to the nitty gritty, step-by-step action plans. I show you exactly how to go from $1000 to $10,000 in profit within your first five car flips.

I do this. I do it many times. You can do it with $1000. You can do the same exact thing and I show you this within the course.

Again, we’re going to be doing this weekly, for thirty minutes. Every Wednesday around 8pm-9pm Central. This is an interactive training.

I’m going to be updating the course. There will be a lot of new stuff. I’ve just been busy the last couple of years, it’s crazy.

Question: Do you have women flipping cars for profit?

Yes, we also have a handful of women flipping cars for profit who joined the F1 AutoCashFormula program.

We are closing this out tonight. Thank you for jumping on. I really appreciate this.

Keep an eye out for the email. You should get a notification if you are subscribed, so make sure that you are in my email list.

If not, download the FREE Report, get in my email list and you’ll receive free information and notification on my weekly live show.

Talk to you soon! Cheers!


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