How To Upgrade Cars While Buying and Selling Cars for Profit

I’m back! I just got inspired by watching my older videos and told myself that I have to make this video again.  So, today, we’ll talk about how to upgrade cars while buying and selling cars for profit.

Sorry, I’ve been busy doing some home projects and doing some flips, other business ventures and a couple of other things.  It’s been really hectic.

But, I want to get this one out to you.  It’s really important that you know this.  The cool thing about starting with buying and selling cars is you can upgrade your cars as you go.

Here’s a scenario.  You start with zero cars and pick up a $500-$600 beater, which you spruce up.  Then, you start driving it, you find a buyer and end up selling it for $1500-$1600, which is very doable.

Once you get that $1500, you invest in a $1200-$1300 car which is valued at around $2500-$3000.

So, you fix it up and get it all spruced up.  You should, by the way, get a car that needs minimal fixes or no fixes at all, which is even better.

You know that your car is worth $2500-$3000, so you’re turning that $1200-$1300 investment into $3000.  You’ve doubled up.

Now, you’re looking for a $2500 car that you can buy, which is valued at $4500-$5000 once you get it all fixed up.

So, you were driving from nothing, to a $5000 car.  If you get to sell it, you’ll earn more profit and upgrade.

This is where it gets more interesting.   Once, you’re up to that $5000 car level, you have two choices.  First, you can sell that car and get that $5000 cash.  Then, you can buy one car which is worth around $7500 but you get it for around $5000 and make $2000-$3000.

Or, you can buy two vehicles with a market value at around $4500-$5000 but you get them at around $2500 each.  If you flip those two cars, you’re now at $10,000.  This is what I usually like to do.

I have a complete, step-by-step formula on how to do this in my F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 course.  This is really easy to do and people do it everyday.  But, not a lot of people know how to do it without making mistakes.

A lot of people make mistakes but you can avoid those costly mistakes by checking out the F1 AutoCashFormula 2.0 – How To Buy And Sell Your Cars.

Imagine being able to do that? What would it feel like if you were able to start from zero, driving a $1000 beater and moving up for every car you sell?

I’ve had a few of my VIP members who have actually done that.  There’s one VIP who went into auction and bought himself a car, I think it was a 2012 Infinity G35.  He started with nothing to driving a $30,000 car.  He’s done this all in a couple of car flips.

That’s the cool thing about buying and selling cars.  You can literally start from nothing.  Picture yourself doing this.  Because you can do it.

It’s Tony from How To Buy And Sell Your Cars.  I hope this inspired you to get started, to do something with your life and to make a change.  If you don’t change, nothing’s going to happen.

I have a few other videos that I want to put out to you that will continue on the topic of mindset, which is very important for success.

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It will teach you how to buy and sell cars, which will ultimately give you the money, time and freedom that you need.  To pay off bills, take vacations, do what you want to do and to do what you dream of.

I hope you liked my videos.  Please don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel.

Be successful.  Think successful. Think you can do things.  Do it.  Get into action.

I will see you soon!


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3 thoughts on “How To Upgrade Cars While Buying and Selling Cars for Profit”

  1. Hi Tony, I came across your blog when searching for answer to my following question. I am in New York, trying to buy a used car. I am checking an used car from a private party/dealer. They claim the car has a clean title, which they have in hand. They got the car from an auction. But when I pulled out the autocheck report, the car had a salvage history due to an accident. Yes, they did told me about the accident, and they replaced the rear bumper. My question is how is it possible the car with salvage history got a clean title? If I buy this car with a apparently “clean” title, is it going to hide the history from the insurance company? Thanks in advance!

    • hey buddy! I don’t think it will HIDE the history… Did you see on the title that it actually has a clear title and no SLVG abbreviations? I doubt that the title is clear. You’ll need to verify that or they are probably blowing smoke up your you know what… let me know 🙂


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