How To Start Buying & Selling Cars With as Little as $500.00 in “Seed Money!”

Quick Start Action Plan!
Start With $500.00, $1,000 – $2,500 – Or $5,000

The $500.00 Game Plan:

Because you are starting on a limited budget of five hundred dollars, you will want to look to buy cars that are listed in the $500. – $1,200 price range when shopping on any on-line classified such as Craigslist.

Just because you only have $500., it doesn’t mean that you need to look for cars that are for sale under five hundred dollars. You can easily look for cars that are listed for $800 – $1,200 and negotiate the prices down that will allow you to scoop the deal for under a thousand dollars and resell them well over what you paid for them. Please use the (PME) Tactic when looking for deals and know the current Bluebook value on the car so you know what you can get for it when you sell.

Ideally, you will want to get something in the $500 – $800 range and apply the spruce up tactic that I talk about. Costing you maybe $50 for that. And getting it detailed. You can do that yourself to save some money in the beginning. Think of it as paying yourself for a detail that you do on it.

Make sure that you subtract all mechanical cost fixes that the car may need when in negotiating mode with the seller. This way you will have extra money to do the tune-up or repair yourself.

Get the car looking as clean as possible and take a few nice pictures. I suggest one picture of the interior from the drivers side, and two or three of the outside of the car from the corners of the car. You may also take a picture of the engine. I usually don’t put pictures of the engine. Below are a few example picture angles that I think are great for posting ads.

Try to take pictures of the car with a nice background and proper sunlight so it just looks nice. I purposely put my surfboard on the car to make it look cool! And also saying that is has an upgraded “Roof Rack” feature. A $457.00 Value! These are a few of the tactics that I talk about in the e-book section “Marketing For Profits”

This is how you will want to start with $500 and roll your profits into a new deal. I suggest to keep half of your profits as savings but that choice is clearly up to you.

Using these methods that I cover in the F1AutoCashFormula couse you can learn how to quickly build your nest-egg working part time for yourself selling a few cheap used cars.

Again you need to know What to buy, How to buy and How to properly negotiate in order to make great profits. To learn more check out the Join Now Tab and see how you can get started today and learn how to bank big profits buying and selling cars for profits with a proven 100% guarantee!

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