How To Buy and Sell Cars Using Craigslist – Plus How To Spot SCAMS

This video is all about how to buy and sell cars using Craigslist.

This is really exciting.  There are people over the world making money buying and selling cars for profit.  I want to show you my secrets on how to bank a couple of thousands of dollars a month at will.

Anyone can do this.  It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are, or whether you’re trying to add some extra cash to your retirement nest egg.  You can also do this part-time.

If you want to learn my strategies, go to HowToBuyAndSellYourCars and get my Free 17-Page Bikini Report.  This works wherever you are.  I have VIPs in different countries who are applying what they learn from course.

Use Craigslist if you’re in the United States.  Checking auctions and wholesaling are fine but if you’re just getting started, stay in the private party (PP) market.

You just have to spend twenty to thirty minutes every day to look for deals.  Deals are not going to fall on your lap.  You have to actively do this.

In this video, let’s just go to “By-Owner” so we don’t have to weed through too many listings.  But I usually click on “All Cars and Trucks” because sometimes people post within the dealer’s area by mistake when they should have posted in the private party.  I like to go by “List” because I look at year and cost.

Watch the video as I talk about different ads and good deals that I see on Craigslist.  This is just a quick search.  But the more you look, the more you’ll find gems out there.

I recommend that you get the hard copy, the consumer edition of the Kelley Blue Book from Amazon, which you can buy for $9.16.  They release an updated version every six months.

It’s easier and saves you time by just flipping through the pages, rather than going through the website.  This will be very helpful in finding deals.

If you’re not using the current version, just deduct a couple of hundred bucks if you’re using the previous year’s version.

You don’t always have to get cars that need a lot of work.  That was my downfall when I was getting started with flipping cars for profit.

I thought that I would have to fix up cars to perfection before I sell them.  But that’s where you’re going to lose money because you keep on investing on it.

When you see good deals, you have to work on getting it ASAP.  Here are the steps to take to close a good deal:

First, call the buyer and feel them out.

Second, check the car out with cash on hand and make a good offer.  You need to have a bottomline and know when to walk away.

When they say asking price, then they’re open for negotiation.  Always give a good reason why you are offering that low so they won’t get insulted.

All you need is to get one good deal and that’s money in the bank.

When searching for deals, if it looks too good to be true then it’s too good to be true.  Be careful about being scammed.  You can search for the phone number out in Google and see what comes up.

I record my private conversations so you can listen to them in the VIP course and learn how to negotiate and how to get good deals.

I also teach you how to buy and sell cars on eBay.  I have the entire process within the HowToBuyAndSellYourCars VIP course.

Go to HowToBuyAndSellYourCars and download the Free 17-Page Bikini Report.  In the report, I break it all down for you and show you what you can do with buying and selling cars for profit.

It’s really easy.  If you wanted to, you can find a good deal each day.  Getting two to three deals a week is not a dream.  It is possible.  It is all about consistency and persistency.

There’s a certain time that I like to search.  You can get real gems at that certain time and some people miss out on it.  I will tell you what time that is. So, go to HowToBuyAndSellYourCars and I’ll see you there!

Have a good day!


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