How To FAIL at Buying and Selling Cars for Profit


 In this video, I will tell you why people fail at buying and selling cars for profit. People who fail in buying and selling cars are those who are afraid to fail.  This failure is not just associated with buying and selling cars for profit but is also associated with their everyday life. It … Read more

Should You Fix Cars That You Buy And Sell for Profit?


 Here’s a burning question, “Should you fix cars that you buy and sell for profit?” In this video, I’m going to show you a deal that my godfather picked up.  It’s a ’98 Dodge Ram 2500 V8 Magnum.  He got this for a thousand dollars from the original owner. It has a clear title … Read more

How To Buy And Sell Cars Important Mind Set Information


   Hey! What’s going on! How are you doing?  Hope all is well this morning.  I just want to make this quick.  I just want to talk about inspiration and taking action. There are a lot of people out there emailing me saying, ”Tony, I want to get started buying and selling cars but … Read more

How To Spot Cars on Street – How To Buy And Sell Cars


   This is what I was talking about keeping your eyes on the road when you’re looking for deals.  Just being proactive and just keeping an eye out.  Not just online, not just on the paper, not just through friends and family but on the road too. In the video, I just found a … Read more

How To Buy And Sell Cars – Craiglist Tips and Collectables


 Hey!  What’s going on! Just made this quick video that talks about a few things when buying and selling cars for profit. Pretty good pointers. I’m going to talk about collectables, Blue Book values, and real market values – what the market is really looking to pay for them and how you could potentially … Read more

How To Buy And Sell Cars and Make Big Profit


   Just picked up a pretty new 2007 Nissan Ultima here. I’m actually in Hawaii right now, on vacation.  Picked up a car, using it for probably 2 weeks or so.  Then I’m going to sell it. I think I’m going to make probably $3000 on this flip while I’m on vacation. So I … Read more

How To Build Wealth By Buying and Selling Cars


 Hey! What’s goin’ on? I’m still on vacation in Japan right now and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about other ways to buy and sell cars. There’s just so much opportunity out there. Another thing that I’m really getting into now is, how to preserve and build your wealth or your retirement … Read more

How To Flip Cars For Profit and Build Your Empire


Hey! What’s going on! I just want to tell you, “Hi! Long time no speak!” And I just want to tell you, “Hey! I’m in Japan… I am in Japan, man!” That’s the cool thing about buying and selling cars for profits.  You could basically use that as a means to save money, to invest … Read more

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