Flipping Cars for Profit – So Easy Your Grandmother Can Do it (Make Money Selling Used Cars!)

I’m back doing live streams and today’s topic is Flipping Cars for Profit – So Easy Your Grandmother Can Do it (Make Money Selling Used Cars!)

Thank you all for being on. I haven’t been on for a long time. I’ve been travelling and I’m in Japan right now. It’s just difficult to find time doing the live streams, especially with a different time zone.

How many of you are actually making money in flipping cars for profit. You can make money by making profit or cutting people down in pricing. That’s also making money. If you have negotiated the price for $1000 to $450, you basically made $550.

A lot of people are asking about auctions. I met up with a friend and he used to be a dealer and had a car lot. He closed down because business has been slow. Now he’s working as a car salesman.

It’s a rough time right now, which is why I recommend that you stay in the private party market. Don’t go crazy getting your dealer license and investing in a car lot. You don’t have to get one when you’re flipping cars.

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Here’s the big problem. A lot of people get started flipping cars for profit but when they don’t find deals, they think that the game is over. There is no deal.

That’s not the way to play the game. Just because you can’t find a deal for two days, that doesn’t mean you won’t find one. If you play it that way, you won’t be successful. You can’t win anything.

You have to be persistent and consistent. That’s in business, in general. Search for deals every day. At least give an hour a day searching for deals, until it gets easy finding deals. It gets easy, your grandma can do it. (LOL!)

I met up with some of my dealer friends in Hawaii and one of them has a mother who is 65 years old and flips cars for profit on the side.

She owns a little restaurant and flips cars at the same time. She showed me four of her cars that were for sale and makes close to $10,000 a month in this business. This is no joke!

She started in this business five years ago because she was bored.

Let this be an inspiration for everybody. We have a 65-year old lady with a restaurant and flipping cars for profit on the side. That is amazing!

There’s a lot of opportunity for everybody, so don’t make any excuses for yourself. Just do it. Get over yourself.

The cool thing about this is, you don’t have to go all in. You can just do this part-time and make a couple thousand dollars a month, save up and invest in maybe real estate or another business.

The whole idea is make money and have that money make more money for you.

I love flipping Asian cars. Any Asian car is a good car to flip – Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Kia, Hyundai. These are great cars to flip.

Then again, it depends on your market. I’ve always stressed this. In some areas, you’ll notice trucks are more popular. Then, you’ll want to flip trucks.

The F1 AutoCashFormula VIP Program is a step-by-step video course where you get videos and as well as manuals. I share with you everything you need to know in flipping cars for profit. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now and I’ll take you through all of the steps to get started from finding deals, how I look in the Blue Book, how I gauge prices, negotiating deals and a whole lot more. You get access to all of that.

Also, as a VIP member, you get three video critiques from me. You can send me a link to your add and I will personally review it and you can make the changes to your ad to make it pop.

I’ve always told you that you should use the Kelley Blue Book because this is what your buyers are looking at. You want to see what they’re looking at so you can give them a better price.

Another thing is, the early bird gets the worm. It may sound basic A-B-C stuff, but this really important. Proven and tested stuff. You have to be the first one to look at a deal and grab it. That’s how you make money.

You know once you buy a deal, that’s money in the pocket. It’s just a matter of how quickly you spruce it and relist it.

If you get pulled over when bringing home your car, just say that you just got the car and you need to get it insured.

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