Chapter 11 – Simple Took Kit’s


You can buy a nice tool kit with all the basics that you’ll need from Sears, K-mart, or any auto parts store.

Craftsman is my personal favorite because they’re affordable and have a lifetime guarantee.
You can pick up a nice 300 to 500 piece tool kit for around $100-$300 from Sears or K-mart.

An air compressor is another option that you may want to think about getting for power tools such as ratchets, spray guns, impact guns, blower nozzle, and many other hand tools.

Air compressors are a great piece of equipment to have in your garage. I have a small 30-gallon, 1.5hp Craftsman. And a 60-gallon, 5hp for bigger jobs like painting.
I got the small one at Sears for about $275 and I’ve had it for years.

The great part about a compressor is that, it allows you to inflate tires very quickly, blow off dust on any surface, use power tools, paint small parts and a lot more.

Heck, I painted a car at my shop with the small 30-gallon tank when my old 120-gallon failed.
The only downside about having a small air compressor tank is, if you decide to paint a car.

The pressure is used up very quickly because you just don’t have adequate volume of stored air. It will consistently be running when you’re painting. When the compressor is on and running that long, it gets hot and builds up condensation in the tank which creates water in the lines.

You’ll want to make sure that you’re using a water filter on your tank if you decide to paint a car or parts.



Auto Body Tools List


-Air Compressor

-Dual-action Orbital Sander – $130 for a good one

-Straight Sander
-Spray Gun – I like use the Warwick, you can shop for one here. If you’re on a budget get the 904HE, if you want the Rolls, the best of the best, look into the 980HE. These are bad ass spray guns for a fraction of the cost. I’ve done $10,000.00 plus custom paint jobs with these spray guns. They compete with the best high-quality German and Japanese-made spray gun brands, but at a fraction of the cost. If you’re just getting started and want an affordable, great gun, look at th

904HE top seller here at our LABAP Shop.
Learn more about the Warwick Line of Spray Guns here
I recommend a gravity-feed type where the liquids are on top of the gun, not below in a can.

-Hammer Tool Kit

–Sanding Blocks
-Welding Dent Puller

-Sandpaper – most common grits are:
80, 150, 120, 220, 360, 400, 600, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000
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